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Германская разведка доложила о воюющих в Украине "российских неонацистах". Они и сами этого не скрывают Журнал Spieg…

twist:uP8HAB4VAAA= In Kherson and Mariupol they make the second so-called DPR/LPR. People living there are deported, killed, taken to filtra

twist:uP8HAB8VAAA= Villages of the #Mykolayiv area on border with #Kherson everything is very difficult there because they aren't present an

twist:uP8HACAVAAA= On May 22, for the first time in two months, the movement of the Iskander rocket launch systems to the border with Ukrain

twist:uP8HACEVAAA= Such a wonderful inscription appeared in #Lviv in support of the #Azov Regiment soldiers who heroically defended #Azovsta