Twistnik is a search engine for Twister (decentralized peer-to-peer analog of Twitter).

Why another TwisterIO?

Here are some disadvantages of TwisterIO (which we were using):

  • Non-morphological search for Russian, English and German languages.
  • Less amount of indexed data in search.
  • Overall website slowness :-(

That’s why we decided to make our own Twister indexer and search engine.


Twistnik is a wordplay about twister, sputnik and vestnik.

Size of data

  • 2,443,481 twists
  • 91,265 users

Website support and server hosting cost us time and money. If you like our project, please, send us some bitcoins.

Bitcoin: 1P6imuN7s5DHqdcXm17UJBKuogXAa5VHrN